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Ms Yolanda CHE 車慧蘭小姐, PgD, BSc, SHKIM, ProM

Entrepreneur and Consultant for Organic Natural Products, CSR Strategy, Carbon Credits Trading
Founder and Director, Wellness Club Ltd
Founding Director, Welspring

As CEO of an award-winning eco-health consultancy social enterprise (Wellness Club Ltd), in Asia, Yolanda provides market entry consultation services to market new entrants and business start-ups. The services include market entry, registration (products & IP), recruitment of distributors, product training, brand marketing support, company set-up and managing representative office for clients.

As for corporate CSR and ESG compliance, Yolanda is experienced in planning and delivering CSR initiatives with a focus on corporate wellness and philanthropy to MNCs and corporations. She developed the carbon management e-platform (, to help listed companies in Hong Kong comply with ESG reporting requirement and carbon credits procurement.

As organic natural food importer, distributor and retailer (Welspring), Yolanda Che has over 20 years of business experience in the natural products industry, from market entry and regulatory compliance to managing marketing, and product distribution. She handles over 160 brands from gluten-free foods and beverages, personal care, dietary supplements, and home supplies. She is a founding Vice-Chair of a trade association for natural products traders in Hong Kong.

Yolanda sits on boards of several charities to support organic agriculture, trade and certification sector in Hong Kong. Her volunteering service spans from tertiary education, youth entrepreneurship, retail management to food allergy education. She is a sought-after consultant and speaker in the natural organic industry and social entrepreneurship sector.

Specialties: organic products sourcing and distribution, food/supplements/pharma drug labeling compliance (HK and China markets), organic products training, organic business start-up coaching, green procurement, carbon emissions reduction, carbon management, carbon offsets, CSR programs and corporate ESG reporting and services.

悠學坊有限公司 Wellness Club Ltd 創辦人兼行政總栽及減碳綠色管理顧問。

逾20年有機環保健康產品經營管理 (包括行銷、業務發展、培訓、食品政策等) 經驗。現為外國天然有機產品生產商提供「先港後中」(包括跨境電商) 市場發展策略顧問服務、兩地產品及商標註冊、品牌行銷、產品培訓、代理商配對及跨境電商合作等。
9年策劃及執行 CSR 企業社會責任相關項目,客戶包括能源、銀行/金融服務、IT、主題公園、服飾製造等行業。

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