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Wellness Club Ltd is awarded 5 Years Plus Caring Company Logo in recognition of the contribution in 3 areas: Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees, Caring for the Environment. This 5th consecutive year of recognition demonstrates our commitment of community involvement and commitment of being a good corporate citizen in our operation. Yolanda Che is a 5th time nominated Caring Ambassador.

悠學坊透過綠田園基金推薦取得5年Plus「商界展關懷」標誌, 證明我們過去連續5年於「關懷社區」、「關懷員工」及「關懷環境」等三方面工作獲得了肯定,我們深感榮幸。作為一間綠色顧問公司,我們繼續朝着 「O碳排香港」”Carbon Neutral Hong Kong” 的方向,為商界和社區提供綠色管理方案及「減碳易」服務。

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