Food & OTC Registration

Food Registration Service

We provide consultation services on new product labeling and registration, food nutritional labeling, and dietary supplement / OTC drug registration for market entry to Hong Kong and Greater China markets. We have strong network in Asia to help clients in the area of:

  1. Market research
  2. Market entry strategic planning
  3. Certifications – organic, fair trade, carbon neutral
  4. Regulatory compliance – packaged food grocery, herbal products, TCM products, personal care, lifestyle products
  5. New product development
  6. Brand management and marketing service
  7. Distribution channel development

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Our consultants constantly receive invitations to speak at different trade shows and chambers of commerce locally and internationally.

Organic Retailing Seminar, HKORC                      Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Food Labeling, HOFEX                   US Commercial Service                         Natural Products Expo Asia


Hong Kong Market – Scope of Service

Product Registration Service

A. Preliminary Evaluation of Product for Registration

General overview of the product for compliance checking: Food Nutritional Labeling registration, Pharmaceutical registration, Traditional Chinese Medicine registration.  This process takes minimum 2 weeks depending on the product range.

B. Food Nutritional Labeling (HK market)

Detailed examination of the product to meet registration requirements: labeling, ingredients, formulation and packaging.  This process takes minimum 2 working weeks depending on the product range.

C. Pharmaceutical Product Registration (HK market)

Conduct product classification, product registration with the Department of Health.  Assist in liaising with the Department of Health in Hong Kong.  This process takes minimum 6 months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the product.

D. Representation of off-shore manufacturers

Record-keeping of document. Communicate with the Department of Health in Hong Kong post-registration approval.

E. Recruitment of Potential Local Distributors

Sourcing minimum 2 potential distributors for the client.

Green Marketing and Training

F. Product Training

G. Carbon Footprinting of Product Distribution (from country of origin to HK/Macau destination)

H. Consumer Awareness Campaign

I. Marketing Solutions

digital, CRM, advertising, publicity


China Market – Scope of Service

Market Entry and Distribution Assistance

  1. Advisory, distribution and commercial services to European enterprises wishing to extend their business operations in China
  2. Connection with administrative bodies of several large regions in China
  3. Assistance in marketing operations, sourcing producers and markets for European and Chinese enterprises, and commercial negotiations
  4. Comprehensive solutions adapted to the individual requirements of each client
  5. Market research
  6. Price, margins, costs analysis
  7. Supermarket entry costs assessment
  8. Distribution costs assessment, network establishment
  9. Setting up a local company, full range of legal, accounting, administrative services
  10. Recruitment, training and supervision of employees, as per investor’s requirements
  11. Trademarks / brands registration
  12. Full range assistance in components imports (laboratory compliance checks with Chinese regulations, customs and duty clearance)
  13. Negotiations, preparing agreements with supermarkets chains and distributors
  14. Monitoring compliance with agreements, including collection of receivables
  15. Translation of documents, correspondence and meetings
  16. Transportation / logistic arrangement